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About Greg

Greg knows our community through and through, having been a resident of Gulfport for 56+ years.

Greg and his wife, Rhonda, have been married for 39 years and have raised 3 sons — Scott, Sean and Luke.

Greg and Rhonda are active members of First Baptist Church, Gulfport.

Greg is a graduate of Gulfport East High School, MGCCC Perk and USM.

Greg has experience as a small business owner of Champions Real Estate in Gulfport for the past 36+ years, plus municipal and federal employment.

Greg has seen both prosperous and slow economic times. He understands the struggle many people face to "make ends meet" and will continue to work as your State Representative on issues affecting Gulfport and the Coast.

Committee Positions

  • State Library - Chairman
  • Appropriations
  • Municipalities
  • Marine Resources
  • Ports, Harbors and Airports
  • Tourism
  • Workforce Development


  • Named a “Business and Job Champion” by Business and Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC)
  • National Federation of Independent Business (Small Business)
  • National Rifle Association (NRA)
  • MS Association of Realtors
  • MS Home Builders Association
  • MS Manufacturers Association
  • MS Doctors, Dental, and Optometry Associations

Representing Gulfport's Families and Businesses

Passed largest state tax cut in Mississippi history to provide tax relief for hardworking families.

Passed largest education pay raise for our teachers and teacher's assistants and added $100 million directly into schools to be spent on classroom needs but not on administrative salaries.

Passed stronger election integrity laws such as Voter ID, increased funding to strengthen voter roll maintenance, and increased penalties to help prevent ballot harvesting.

Will continue to support public safety such as a $100,000 death benefit for first responders, "Back the Badge" Act, and simplifying the Driver's license process to make it quicker.

Worked to secure $450 million in BP payments for economic development projects on the Coast.

Helped secure over $3 million of State Tideland Trust money for Gulfport projects at Gulfport Lake boat launch, Courthouse Road boat launch, James Hill Park walkway and Gulfport Small Craft Harbor improvements.

Helped bring an additional $3.7 million a year to Gulfport and Harrison County for local roads and bridges.

Empowered law enforcement to fight human trafficking and illegal immigration.

Will continue to support a Balanced Budget for our State.

Will continue to work hard as your State Representative for Conservative and Christian values and to protect our 2nd Amendment.


"In this fast paced world we live in, it’s refreshing to know someone who listens. Greg Haney is one of those who listens! Our family recently had an “issue” in need of an answer that was slow to come from Jackson, MS. Greg listened intently, then made a phone call. The next morning, Jackson was on my phone with the answer my family needed to hear!

Some politicians are all talk and show, but not Greg Haney. He knows his way around the Capital City, and he works for his folks back here on the Gulf Coast."

- Steve Peterman
Orange Grove Resident

"I vote for Greg Haney for one reason: he LISTENS to his constituents. Greg is one politician that doesn't only vote down the party line, but instead weighs and considers multiple factors before each vote. He's contacted me for input on educational matters, and I know he talks with others who are experts in their own fields for their input as well. I rest well at night knowing that Greg is representing my views in Jackson!"

- David Allen
Retired Gulfport School Administrator

"I vote for Greg, not because we are in the same club or the same church. I vote for him because he communicates with me and others in his district about important issues. We agree sometimes and disagree sometimes. But he takes into account everyone in his district. At a time when government isn't very trustworthy, Greg is."

- Ted Sheldon
East Gulfport Resident

"As Chairman of the House Municipalities Committee, I can always rely on Representative Haney for an unbiased opinion, and a common-sense approach to any Legislation put forth for the Committee's review."

- Randy Rushing
Chairman - House Municipalities Committee

"I would like to share an example of how Greg Haney was instrumental in helping me with a student need:

HIPAA prevents me from sharing specifics, but I had a special needs student who needed a very specialized piece of equipment to facilitate the student's ability to function in the school setting. After hitting numerous roadblocks with Medicaid, and having exhausted all of my resources, I reached out to Greg. When he understood the impact, he immediately went to work and, in within a couple of weeks, Medicaid approved the equipment.

I’m so grateful to Greg! This student's ability to function was so improved as a result of his help."

- Peggy Powell, RN
Retired School Nurse

"Greg is a passionate and dedicated individual who truly cares about his community. His experience in private business and public service and his commitment to improving the lives of Gulfport residents make him the best candidate for State Representative.

Greg has a proven track record of working tirelessly to support his constituents, advocating for their interests.

If you want a State Representative who will fight for you and work tirelessly to improve the lives of Gulfport residents, then I strongly encourage you to vote for Greg Haney."

- Russell Taylor
Gulfport Business owner

"In 2022, Blue Cross of MS refused to fill a prescription written for me by my doctor, stating a pre-authorization was needed with more information. For over three months, my doctor and I sent form after form to Blue Cross, but they continued to deny the prescription. Finally, I called my state representative, Greg Haney, to see if he could intervene. After speaking with Greg, the next day, I received a phone call from the state insurance commissioner, who sent a letter to Blue Cross on my behalf. Within three days, I had my prescription. If it were not for Greg intervening, I would probably still be waiting. Thank you, Greg, for all your help."

- T. Kelly Witherspoon
Gulfport resident & University professor

"I have known Greg Haney since 1966. I watched Greg grow up into the fine person he is today. I am proud of the way Greg has served the people in the State and his district for the past several years. Greg is honest, straight forward, and caring for the people he represents. We need to keep Greg representing and working for us."

- Robert W. Raybourn
Orange Grove Resident

"During the past years Greg has served in the Mississippi House of Representatives, I have found him to be hardworking, honest and a person of integrity. His main goal has always been to represent the best interest of his constituents in his district.

While serving in the capacity of State Representative, Greg has met people from across the country and around the world and has become one of the best ambassadors for Mississippi and Gulfport we have ever had.

We need Greg in Jackson, so I humbly ask for your vote for Greg to send him back for another term. Thank you!"

- State Representative John O. Read
Chairman - House Appropriations Committee

"We need Rep. Greg Haney to be reelected. He is a man of moral conviction whose compass is always pointed to doing what’s right over what is politically expedient! He always votes his conviction and what is in the best interests of his district. Quite frankly, we need more public officials like him!"

- State Representative Hank Zuber
Chairman - Insurance Committee

"Cannot thank you enough for the assist of getting Jackson, MS, to finish and send me the death certificate for my wife, Carrol. They had the file ONE year and TEN months! After calling you, you contacted me and said, 'I have contacted the officials responsible, and you will get the certificate in appx 10 days.' You were correct! I don't know how you did it, but it worked! I'm certain I would not have her death certificate YET without your help! Thanks again!"

- Jim Fletcher
Gulfport Resident

"When it comes to good representation from a local State Representative, it’s going to be very hard to find one better than Greg Haney. Even though we don’t always agree on every issue he is always willing to hear my side! I would also like to say that when ever I text or call him, he responds within the the hour without fail! He is a good man who has integrity and character."

- M. Dennis Brooks
Gulfport Resident

"Representative Haney has been a great partner over the past years in assisting our department with getting unclaimed property back to the rightful owner. He has helped return approximately $500,000 in unclaimed money to his constituents. We greatly appreciate his efforts in working tirelessly to serve his constituents.

Every dollar of unclaimed property we return has the potential to change a life. It can be the difference between a family paying the bills on time or throwing money away on late fees. It can even be the difference between a business expanding or laying off employees. The State is just a custodian for this money and I have been proud to help the people of Harrison County get their fair share."

- Tony Geiger
Director of Unclaimed Property - State Treasurer's Office

"Representative Haney took the time to call and alert my husband and me to the fact that our names were listed on the State Treasurer's unclaimed money fund. We would have never known this if he hadn't brought it to our attention. He even had an employee of the Treasurer's office call us to help with required paperwork. It's great to know our representative is watching out for us!"

- Karen Glass
Orange Grove Resident

"Representative Greg Haney's contributions to the House Tourism Committee work have been hard to quantify. He exemplifies the essence of the meaning of Mississippi hospitality. As people enter the Capitol or as they walk the halls there, they often run into Rep. Haney and he invariably asks where they are from, how long they plan to be in the state and what they are planning to do while here. He then makes it his business to introduce these visitors to any state elected official he can find.

Representative Haney also served as Treasurer of the MS House Conservative Coalition. Together as President of the Coalition we have worked extremely hard on legislation that makes conservatives proud. He is one of the hardest working people at the Capitol and represents Gulfport extremely well."

- Representative Becky Currie
Chairwoman - Tourism Committee

"It has been an honor to have worked with Rep. Greg Haney for the past years and to call him a friend. The legislature is all about relationships and no one works harder than Greg at building those relationships. He has passion for the Coast and Gulfport and he is dedicated to his constituents. He has always been someone you could work with who is fair and honest. Greg takes his work seriously and spends the time necessary to be prepared. The experience he has gained since being in the Legislature is important and will help him be an even more effective Legislator.

Gulfport needs a Representative like Greg Haney in the Legislature. I would ask you to please support and vote for Greg Haney for the House of Representatives in the August 8th Primary."

- State Representative Manly Barton
Chairman - Local and Private Legislation Committee

"Greg has proven his effectiveness as a leader for the city of Gulfport and the Gulf Coast. He has been a strong voice for issues involving workforce, community colleges, and education. Greg worked with other Representatives to ensure BP funding and provide a voice for the Coast. Greg Haney is a respected and effective leader for his district."

- State Representative Donnie Bell
Chairman - Workforce Development Committee

"Representative Haney is honest and forthright with his colleagues in the Mississippi House, serving his constituency with honor. He believes every legislator should be held to the highest level of accountability to the taxpayers of our state, and lives it with floor interrogations and every vote. I am honored to serve with this great Mississippian and American."

- State Representative Jerry R. Turner
Chairman - Banking and Financial Services Committee

"Greg has been a great addition to the Coast delegation for the past several years. He works hard and has been a strong supporter of education and the public school system. I look forward to his re-election and what we will accomplish together for the Coast. His District, the Coast and the State are fortunate to have someone with Greg's ability, morals and ethics."

- State Representative Richard Bennett
Chairman - Education Committee

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